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The POLITE range has made the BBC News again for being proven by Dr Garrard of Brunel University, to be the only high viz range that gives you more respect.

Dr Ian Garrard, of Brunel University did an independent study on researching if h...igh viz clothing really does work. Dr Gerrard measured how much space 6,000 motorist gave him as they passed his bike.
He wore a number a number of high viz items and normal clothing, his research concluded that the only clothing available to the public that worked was the POLITE waistcoat, no other high viz item the public could buy worked, he said that the other items of clothing “made no statistical significant difference”

This amazing waistcoat has been tried and tested by tens of thousands of riders. Due to its huge difference in giving horse riders more respect on the road, we have designed an exclusive POLITE waistcoat for Motorcyclist.

The POLITE waistcoat is in a class of its own. It has proven time and time again to dramatically slow traffic down and give more respect to motorbike riders. One customer said it was like wearing a "force field around you"

This is a very stylish and comfortable waistcoat; it is cut too ergonomically to fit the body. Fastened by a strong front zip and technically advance breathable light weight durable fabric which gives the waistcoat a superior quality.

Using EN471 High Viz yellow fabric and 2" reflective black and white or blue and white chequered tape gives it a bright sporty look. Fully Adjustable at the sides so it can be pulled in tight and 2 large man sized pockets with tough zips at the front of the waistcoat to hold phones and money.

In the Motorbike stats the total reported motorcycle user casualties increased by 8% to 20,150 in 2011. We hope that our POLITE range will dramatically reduce this terrifying number.

Motorbike riders have to wear bulky jackets with some times armour in them, this waistcoat is a great design as it is fully adjustable to go up or down a size, with velcro around the waist to pull it in tight and elastic to extened around the chest. This will always be a perfect fit for you.

The POLITE waistcoat is designed to catch the driver’s attention and to keep a wide berth from you.

There is nothing else on the high viz market that will give you more respect and this has been proven!

Hi Viz Yellow only

Washing Instructions:
30 Degree wash with a non bio. Please dont tumble dry for more than 10 mins as the plastic reflective tape may melt.

Sizes: The sizes are without your jacket on, please measure your chest after you have put your jacket on to give you the perfect fit.

Small 36-38"
Medium 38”/ 40”
Large 42”/44” 
XLarge 46”/48” 
2XL 48”/50”
3XL 50”/52”
4XL 52”/54"

5XL 54"/56"


970 Motorcyclist KILLED

55,105 Motorbikers Seriously injured

48% from not being seen. Protect yourself with the best high viz on the market!

"I ride alot on the M1 and when I wear the POLITE waistcoat, its like the parting of the waves, I feel alot safer when I wear my high viz waistcoat" - Paul Jones


For any of you in doubt about the legality of this fantastic range, please read below,

The POLITE range was manufactured after this positive response by Association of Chief Police Officer (ACPO). Commander Robert Broadhurst from the Metropolitan Police who stated the following;

“Provided there is no deliberate attempt to impersonate Police there is very little we can do other than perhaps ask them to ensure the word looks more like polite than police. Assuming they have no items of police uniform it is unlikely the public will mistake them for us but if they do it will just be another High Visibility Patrol which should add to the reassurance picture.

After Commander Robert Broadhurst left the ACPO, Acting Head of the Mounted Section Christopher Rowbottom stated;

My understanding of impersonating a police officer requires actions and intent not merely wearing clothing. I do not believe the wearing of your polite range would constitute impersonating a police officer.”

The new 2014 / 2015 POLITE range was designed with the guidence from ACPO. 


The POLITE range is Internationally Trade Marked and Copy righted, anyone copying the range will be sued to court.



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