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The French government has recently enforced new road rules, banning drivers from wearing earphones whilst driving.
Following on from a recent French ruling, making it compulsory for motorcyclists to have a high-visibility vest on their person or vehicle at all times, another new law has been introduced, banning the use of headphones or earphones whilst driving a vehicle or riding a motorcycle.

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Read Caroline's Review.......

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In an attempt to offer you something different on our blog page, we thought you would be interested in learning what plants are poisonous to horses. Most of us know a few, such as Ragwort, Acorns etc, but we're sure you'll be fascinated to learn others, and maybe keep your horse safe. We will be adding more onto the page every few weeks, so keep checking back to find out more.

Images and information taken from A Guide to Plants Poisonous to Horses, by Keith Allison.


13 May / 2015

Why Orange Hi-Vis?

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As a consumer-led company we are always happy to interact with our customers, who are – as they should be, very important to us.

The main question we are asked, well apart from ‘how much is….’ is obviously ‘why should I wear hi-vis apparel when out on my horse. I would hope that by now most of you would understand the necessity of being ‘viss’d up’, in fact you only have to look on social media to see what can happen when drivers don’t see you in time.

However, what we’d like to explain in this blog is why we believe Orange Hi Vis is such a beneficial colour to wear.


21 Apr / 2015

Hack Out in Style

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Which is the best-selling garment on the Equisafety range? Well, that would have to be the Air Waistcoat. To find out why read on......


10 Apr / 2015

Doggy D'Light

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The days are getting longer but it is still important that your dog is visible to yourself and by traffic. The L.E.D Harness will ensure that he/she is seen at all times, especially when out and about in the fields.

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Complete with the iconic blue & silver chequered tape and the POLITE™© logo, this fabulous winter rug is 100% Waterproof, Breathable and Windproof but nevertheless is lightweight and will not overheat the horse. Manufactured from a wickable fabric and lined with quilting.