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As HorseSolicitor’s founder and Director I would like to say how happy the team is to be working in partnership with Equisafety to promote safety for horse and rider. This is the first of many blogs and we would like to invite you, as Equisafety customers, to contact us or Equisafety if there is a specific topic that you would like covered. We look forward to receiving your suggestions.

Kind regards

Hanna Campbell


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Are you looking for a cost effective stocking filler for the equestrian enthusiast in your life that will still be being used for months after Christmas, not just at Christmas?

Well Equisafety has the answer…..

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Guy Fawkes has a lot to answer for in our opinion. However, although we all enjoy the time standing around a bonfire and watching the fireworks, it's worth remembering the damage that they can cause to property and animals when then fall back down to earth. Also many household pets are terrified of the noise, so please make sure they're protected.

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We have some amazing offers on our tradestand at Your Horse Live, so make sure you pop along and browse through the rails. Looking forward to meeting you all soon.

31 Oct / 2014

Didn't We Do Well?

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We had three of our best selling items up for stringent testing by the equine magazine panel members. The items stood up to the test and in the end came out of it quite well, we think :)

21 Oct / 2014

Can You See Your Dog???

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Be honest, how many times have you stood there gazing across a field trying to spot your dog? They just seem to have this innate ability to blend in with their surroundings, don't they? Well, help is at hand with the V.I.P LED Flashing Harness. It is ideal for use in every season, but with the darker mornings and nights making an appearance, this product really comes into its own.

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Highly visible workwear is now noticeable on a daily basis with emergency services, council workers, highway maintenance, cyclists, horse riders and even the ‘bobby on the beat’ decked out in the familiar ‘yellow’. This means it’s now somewhat impossible to walk anywhere without seeing someone being ‘visible’.

However, as this type of apparel is now worn throughout the year by a variety of people, in all seasons and all weathers, we thought it might be of interest to find out a little more about this safety fabric.  Nicola Fletcher, MD of Equisafety/High Visibility lets us into some of her secrets!