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Sunday 25th January 2015 and Nicola Fletcher, Managing Director of Equisafety Ltd, ventured forth through the doors into the Dragons' Den.

22 Jan / 2015

Ride Right On The Roads

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Nicola Fletcher, MD of Equisafety the UK’s largest specialist in high visibility equine apparel, takes time out from her busy schedule to explain a little about high visibility and why it is such a necessity when riding out.

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This unique design offers the ultimate in front and side visibilty.

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Equisafety, the UK’s largest equine high visibility specialist, prides itself on providing quality garments for all ages and one of the most practical items on their range is the best-selling Air Waistcoat.

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We at HorseSolicitor  are passionate about increasing access to justice for injured riders and one of the ways that we do this is through education. It is a common misconception that it is not possible to pursue a claim for injury if the driver responsible for frightening the horse leaves the accident scene and remains untraced. This is not true. By raising awareness of a Claimant’s right to compensation it is hoped that more victims of negligent untraced drivers will be compensated.  

We thank Equisafety for providing another platform for us to raise riders’ awareness of their rights and would be grateful if Equisafety’s customers could share the following information with other riders.

28 Nov / 2014


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Are you after for something for yourself and/or your horse, or maybe you're looking for that special something to send to Santa for that 'equine' enthusiast in your life. Well, take a look at our Black Friday offers (which run until Sunday), we're sure you'll find something suitable.

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Bikelawyer is a specialist firm of solicitors committed to recovering the maximum possible compensation for motorcyclists injured in road traffic accidents.

Leading motorcycle accident solicitor Andrew Campbell is the Senior Solicitor of Bikelawyer. Andrew is Motorcycle News' (MCN) Legal Expert and columnist. Bikelawyer is also legal expert to Welsh Bikers and Dragon Bikers, Wales' largest motorcycle forums.

Bikelawyer unfortunately deals with serious, fatal and catastrophic injury cases especially involving brain and spinal cord injuries, have specialist expertise in amputations and severe fracture cases and recover many millions of pounds of compensation for our clients each year. They also have extensive experience in filtering accidents, accidents caused by diesel spills and hit and run accidents.